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Slimory™ Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra (Limited time discount Last 30 minutes)

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Mandy Barrett shared this picture after wearing this Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra for 4 weeks.

Congrats on her success!

My endocrine system started to become abnormal after giving a birth a couple of years ago. I got fat and serious breast outward expansion. I mean they looked so saggy. Also I felt tired quite frequently and got unexplained pain in my chest. What’s worse is my menstruation comes only once every two or three months. I tried a lot of products, but none of them worked.

Until a friend introduced this Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra to me.I decided to give it a try. Within 4 weeks, it helped me lose about 56 pounds, my breasts were plumped up, and now I am a big fan of it.

This is really a game changer! What is even more surprising is that the toxins in the body have been completely eliminated. I feel much more relaxed now as my endocrine and menstruation are back to normal.


Mandy Barrett, 36, Montgomery



"My metabolism decelerated after menopause, and I can feel that my body is heavy every day.

Since last year, I have gained 60 pounds, which makes me feel uncomfortable. This Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting bra gave me big changes in a few weeks. I lost 70 pounds without exercise. I didn't think it would work at first, but it did work-and much better than I expected! I'm really overjoyed at what it did for me. No excess fat and i have a better body curve. It’s very comfortable to wear and has the prefect size for me. I have recommended it to my friends. "


Lauren Boyd,55, Arizona

"I have had problems with lymphatic masses since 3 years ago. But because I'm in the senior age group, the risk of having surgery is high. I kept trying to treat it through medication, but it seemed like the change in the appearance of my neck was only minimal. Then, a friend at work told me about this detox bra. She said it was very effective in detoxifying the body and eliminating inflammation. So I immediately bought 4 pieces of this product and kept using it every day. To my surprise, the lumps slowly got smaller one at a time and after 4 weeks, the lumps disappeared and I felt healthier than ever. Thanks to this amazing product!"

--- Sonia Lara, 59 years old, New York State, USA

How does the lymphatic system work?

There are numerous lymphatic vessels in the breasts of women, which form a network and connect to the other lymphatic networks throughout the chest, neck, armpits and abdomen.

The lymphatic system is very important for human body. It can help to remove toxins, waste, excess fat and other unwanted substances in the body and thus improve one’s immunity.

Lymph nodes existing throughout the body could help filter out toxins, dissolve fat and waste from lymph. For women, lymphatic detox can eliminate breast toxins and prevent the occurrence of breast diseases.


Lymphatic system is actually a part of the immune system and could a lot of things for you including protecting your body from invaders, maintaining body fluid levels, absorbing fat in digestive tract, and removing cellular waste. Obstruction, disease or infection can affect the function of the lymphatic system.



Study has unveiled the helpful role of tourmaline in lymphatic drainage for body detox

Tourmaline contains many kinds of trace elements, such as Mg, Fe, B, Si, Ca and so on. These trace elements can regulate human health.

According to a report from the National Institutes of Health, tourmaline has been shown to be effective for most clinically severely obese patients in addition to surgery and diet programs. In a trial, we also found that this method was effective for 28 of 30 morbidly obese people (about 93%).

Tourmaline is proven to have a therapeutic effect. It could help to promote blood and lymphatic circulation in the body for its high iron content.So, we know that if the blood circulation is poor, the cells in your body will not be able to get the nutrients and oxygen needed to thrive, leading to slow metabolism and toxin accumulation.


After treatment, limb measurement decreased significantly and one’s life quality improved. Laboratory tests showed that the treatment reduced the deposit of body fluid and fat, and so left limbs much less swelling.


The trace elements in tourmaline can enhance the permeability of cell membrane, which is beneficial to the absorption of tissue fluid by lymphatic vessels. Therefore, it can prevent the obstruction of the lymphatic channels.


Tourmaline, working as the energy source, is attached to elastic fibers of this Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra and can produce heat without electricity and other energy sources. There are a number of tourmaline points that can form an energy field, which can generate 100,000-300,000 energy units per hour. It helps to effectively stimulate the body's blood circulation, eliminate inflammatory cells and toxins, reduce body fluid accumulation and help reduce excess body fat.


There are about 400 key tourmaline points. Tourmaline embellished with magnets can promote blood circulation and unblock meridians. They release negative ions to activate cells and keep women's breasts healthy, thus improving overall health of one’s body.

Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra is proven to help

Reduce body waste and excess fat

Accelerate metabolism and lymphatic drainage

Relieve chronic inflammation

Firm up breasts and make them bigger

Activate breast cells

Eliminate breast waste and prevent breast-related health issues

Strengthen ones immunity


Baldwin Tony’s 4-week journey with UPHealth Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra

 I ran a family business. Long-time sitting and irregular bedtime have affected my body. I can't metabolize fat normally, and my body is getting more and more bloated. My menstruation even comes only once every two or three months. I also have pain in my chest with a worry about the occurrence of breast disease.


Desperateness haunted me. But by pure chance I got this Lymphvity Detoxification and Shaping & Powerful Lifting Bra on the Internet. Having worn it for a week, my body's inflammation obviously alleviated, my metabolism slowly recovered, and I lost 15 lbs!. No pain in the breast, and it does feel much better. All of this happened without drugs or expensive surgery. It saves me a lot of money and even makes my sex with my husband better!


4 weeks passed, and I felt a big difference. My period came on time. I also saw my breasts are becoming healthier and fuller than before. At the same time, my belly skin got smooth a lot. No saggy appearance anymore. You can see the difference in the photo, I will stick to it, and I am expecting more differences in the next few weeks!

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • -Baldwin Tony, Houston, Texas

  • Let me start by saying that I did quite a bit of research before deciding to try the product. I was a little skeptical and wasn't sure if it would work. During my weight loss journey, I kept losing weight and my breasts started to feel less full and a little saggy. While I was very happy with my weight loss results, I wasn't as excited about my breasts. Undergoing surgery wasn't an option, so I started exploring alternatives.

    This bra really helped to bring back the fullness to my breasts. So far I am very happy. I've been wearing it every day for 3 weeks and I feel that my breasts are full, my skin is soft and a little perky. My nipples feel sensitive too, which is great. My arms and tummy have also become slimmer and less bulky. It really helps me to lose weight and have fuller breasts. Now I don't need to wear it all the time, but I've always had a great figure.

    I would recommend it to anyone who is still on the fence. If it worked for me, it should work for you too.


    -Madison, Miami

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